The city of Ostwin has fallen far from its previous glory. Once a shimmering jewel in the crowns of the emperors of man, Ostwin has suffered greatly since the dissolution. Ostwin was once a thriving metropolis of over 50,000 permanent residents but it has suffered greatly in the intervening centuries and now less than half that number live in its crumbling precincts.

Despite this, Ostwin is still one of the largest of the old imperial city-states still in existence. The port facilities of Ostwin, although a far cry from their heyday, are still extensive and provide trade and wealth to the city’s rich merchant houses.

The city itself is a study in contrast, the dockyards and trading markets are in good repair and well patrolled by city guardsmen. The poorer districts and back alleys are virtually neglected and are on the verge of collapse. When you leave the business and merchant quarters you are entering abandoned ruins inhabited by the desperately poor and those who make their living illicitly.

Ostwin was one of the chief trading cities of the old empire and yet maintains a strong merchant fleet. Unfortunately the city is beset on all sides by hostile orcish tribes from the Eastern Badlands, avaricious nobles to the north and west, and the constant threat of seaborne raiders. Yet out of this adversity grows a thriving community led by the vigorous and charismatic Lord Mayor Selphon Oraka. Some say that the young Lord Mayor has the greatness of the ancient imperial line in him and it is whispered that he himself feels the call of destiny.

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