Barbaric Races

Coleopteran: The Coleopterans are an unusual people. They are giant intelligent beetles, they live in giant underground communities that are models of peace and communal harmony. Coleopterans do not have a police force because they have no criminals. For this reason Thief is not an class available for them.

Corpse-Eater: The Corpse-Eater is not a species as we understand them. They have no communities of their own. Instead they are only found as individuals in human communities. Because of their hideous appearance and unsavory eating habits they rarely settle in one place for long. Corpse-Eaters are pitiable figures, they are hated and reviled but have no ability to curb their macabre appetites.

Dark One: Elder things are not well understood by the population in general, but even so a Dark One would be well advised to disguise their true nature.

Half-Orc: There is a long history of conflict on the eastern borders of the old empire between men and the orcish hordes. One of the less well-known results of this conflict is the half-orc chidren left behind after a town is sacked. More often than not these half-breeds are raised in the human town until adulthood. Sometimes they absorb their neighbors hatred of orckind and become crusaders for the empire, sometimes they are embittered by years of mistreatment and run off in search of a band of orc marauders to join. However a lifetime in a farming village is often poor training for an orcish warrior and these would be raiders find that they are not welcome anywhere.

Infernal: Infernals have a difficult road in the empire, no matter how virtuous and law-abiding they are always the first to be blamed when something goes wrong. For this reason many infernals choose to fulfill all of the prejudices of their unsophisticated accusers. Alternately sometimes they choose instead to distance themselves from a normal life and wander the land in search of adventure and profit.

Elder Spawn: Elder Spawn face much the same difficulty as Dark Ones except to a greater degree because they give off an unnatural aura that anyone around them can sense.
Half-Ogre: Half-Ogres are usually raised in orphanages in imperial lands because their mothers rarely survive the birthing process. They are usually given into the care of the local Duke and trained as a man-at-arms.

Lizard Man: Lizard men are a race of barbarous creatures that can be found in small chiefdoms throughout the lands of the old empire. Although they can be dangerous when provoked, they are not always hostile and some tribes have even established friendly relations with imperial communities. For this reason Lizard men are treated with suspicion but not outright hatred.

Wildman: Wildmen are a race of undeveloped savages that live in small family bands deep in the wilderness of the old empire. They are not generally aggressive and are usually tolerated by imperials. On the rare occasion when a Wildman chooses to leave his family and enter the greater world they are highly prized as fighters by adventuring parties for their great physical strength and inability to count accurately.

Barbaric Races

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