Dark days, great deeds

Session 7: The Mad Wizard's Tower

Adventure 7: The Mad Wizard’s Tower (He must have been mad!)

In which the narrator changes styles to avoid taking over a week to write a single journal entry…

It has been 6 days since the adventures entered Ostwin.

Earlier in the week Gregory purchased gear and weapons for the Rill children. He has spent the last 3 days showing Rhowan & Tenara how to use them. At least being farm-stead children he was confident in their abilities to camp outside & start a fire.

Flynn was still trying to figure out an angle on the Thieves Guild.

Nathaniel & Olympia had undergone their healing by the Mother Priestess of Soluna. Nathaniel felt fit as a prize bull and was glad to be rid of the wheeze he’d had been developing. Returning to the group he was ready for some action. After her healing Olympia decided to remain at the temple of Soluna. With the possibility of war with the goblin folk, healers would be needed.

Granwell spent his time within the halls and libraries of his new guild. He was still not sure how to talk his companions into going on his initiation quest with him, but the more information he could find on this mad mage the more fuel for his arguments. Maybe he could find some mention of a great treasure trove…

Arhus had returned to his own house in Ostwin now that the decision to send the Rill children east had been made. It was still going to take 2-3 months to arrange their passage on a ship unless something fortuitous occurred.

In the end Granwell’s approach to talking his friends into coming was cunning and devious: He asked them to go along and they, itching for something to do, agreed. Of course Gregory did have to be assured that, the mad wizard being assumed dead and without any known children, the guild was his legal beneficiary.

Learning of their plans Arhus insisted on providing assistance. Arhus knew a few rumors concerning the mage and his interests. Some of the related research materials could be valuable. If the adventures would allow an employee of Arhus to go with them, then Arhus would assist with supplies and send a second acquaintance useful in a fight.

The two day ride south and east of the city was, to Nathaniel’s disappointment, uneventful. Time passed swapping stories and boasts. Finally they arrived in the supposed location of the mage’s tower, but there wasn’t anything to be seen beyond a medium size hillock. Had the tower exploded or suffered some other magic induced catastrophe?

Examining the hillock the party found a door into the opposite face. Scribed upon it was the name and likeness of the mage. This was the place. The party entered.

Cautiously Flynn took the lead as his keen eyes sought out the inevitable traps all wizards seem to leave scattered about their homes. Gregory and XXXXX followed close behind expecting trouble, trailed by the others with YYYYY taking the rear, clenching and unclenching his hand on his battleaxe in anticipation.

Walking the entry corridor there were guard antechambers every 20’. (“Bet a silver there’s a trap.” Gregory whispered back to the group. “Done.” XXXXX replied.) Passing down the corridor at the last set of guard rooms there was suddenly a voice: The countenance of the mad mage appeared and gave a solemn warning for uninvited guests. ("Does that count? It didn’t try to kill him… " “Double or nothing.”) Beyond the ghostly, disembodied head was the interior door.

After a brief delay while XXXXX debated knocking Gregory threw the door open. Beyond was yet more darkened corridor. As Gregory lit a torch the party saw the remains of four humanoids in the intersection. A quick examination showed that they had been in a fight with someone who had won and moved on.

Moving down the left hall the came to a door in the wall. After Flynn listened and heard nothing they opened it to find the lizardmen who had been patiently waiting. A quick fight and the party continued. (“I told you we should have knocked first rather than just kicking it in Gregory.”)

A second door at the end and they surprised a single lizardman in a kitchen stirring a huge pot. He didn’t last long. (Granwell "Uh guys… I wouldn’t eat the stew.) By now Gregory was getting confused about which way the exit was so he began to mark an arrow on the walls pointing to the exit with a piece of charred wood.

The other side of the kitchen opened into another hall with a door just offset to the side. (“So should we knock at this one?”)



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